Granites are natural rocks widely used as a coating and show, in their structure, grains of quartz, feldspar and dark mica (biotite), in general easy to recognize.

Main features

Ornamental rocks, once cut and polished, have their own characteristics that depend on the geological history it has undergone since its formation on Earth.

The igneous rocks (where we can fit the granites), in general, are characterized by the very high mechanical resistance and, therefore, are suitable to withstand great mechanical efforts and traffic, being recommended its use in internal and external cladding. Also suitable for high circulation environments. It is worth noting that its Mohs coefficient, that is, its degree of hardness, is 7 Mohs, and has a dense grain content, justifying its extremely high durability.


Granite can be used as an internal and external coating, suitable for high circulation environments, as well as being widely used in kitchen tops, bathrooms, facades and other applications that require a material of high resistance and durability, in addition to work of art.


The Brazilian territory is very rich in granites and today it figures as the main world exporter, thanks to the largest variety of granites in the world.

Granite in Alicante

Alicante offers more than 25 granite patterns among the shades most requested by specifiers such as shades of gray and beige, in addition to aesthetic patterns exclusive to exotic granites.


Granite means grain and the word comes from Latin, granum, being formed at depths of about 32 km below the surface of the earth.

The Egyptian peoples were probably the first to use granite in the construction of tombs of the pharaohs and great monuments, followed by the Romans in their architecture. Already in the Middle Ages, it was widely used in the construction of churches and houses.

One of the largest cliffs formed by granite is located in Pakistan, the so-called Great Tango Tower, while other cliffs such as Mont Blanc, in France, Ruth George, in Alaska and Burgados, in Canada, are also composed of granite. The “Kangchengjunga”, in the Himalayan mountain range, is the largest mountain and granite in the world, with 8586 meters high.



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