The marbles have in their formation mining goods basically constituted by calcite, formed by millions and millions of years. This means that when you choose this ornamental rock in your project, you will take a little of the history of the planet to your home.

Main features

The marbles range from delicate gray to subtle beige, passing through the more closed brown, with more or less marked veins, namely: Gold Armani, Saint Laurent, Noisette Iria Caramel, Platinum Gray and Rosso Belo.

They are sold in plates of different sizes for the elaboration of custom made projects and there is the option of standardized tiles of some types of marble in the measures 40x40cm, 60x60cm and 120x120cm. The materials are available with a polished, polished, sandblasted, flamed, brushed and aged surface, which can be executed by a marble professional.


The use of marbles is of the most varied, highlighting floor and wall coverings, tops, tables and washbasins, among others.

The use of marbles in daily life becomes more resistant with waterproofing. We suggest the use of Dry-Treat waterproofing, the most technological available on the world market.


Marked by the presence of veins, movements and different colors, the marbles sold by Alicante, come especially from countries like Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Iran and India.

Marble in Alicante

Marbles never go out of style and remain valued in the architecture and construction market for adding value, especially in that special detail. “The marbles imported by Alicante fill the gap between end customers and architects who want marble, but want to leave the common place,” he says.

We offer more than 50 types of marbles, which are widely used in residential and commercial projects.

“Our goal is to offer customers the widest range of coating solutions, both natural and industrialized,” according to José Roberto Codato, marketing director at Alicante.


The famous Venus de Milo statue was carved out of marble in the 2nd century BC.

Michelangelo had a great appreciation for marble and sculpted works in Carrara marble such as the Pietà statue, the David statue, a masterpiece of the Renaissance and the work Moses.



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