The authentic Nanoglass® from Alicante has its stamped back, which proves the authenticity and origin of the product.

Productive Process

Nanoglass® is a high-tech industrialized material, obtained from selected raw materials – especially high-purity crystals and homogeneous granulometry – where the nanotechnological production process allows a constant and balanced fusion, thus producing flat plates in a rectangular shape, that after the polishing procedure we obtain a crystallized surface with nanotechnology.


With regard to wet environments, such as kitchens and bathrooms, for example, Nanoglass® is extremely indicated, as it offers practically zero porosity and resistance to attacks by acidic and alkaline substances, in addition to everyday abrasives.

Keeping the environment in Nanoglass® always clean and preserved is very simple, just use water, damp cloth and neutrally based products, for example, PH Neutral detergents on the market.


A reference in terms of technology and beauty, Nanoglass® favors minimalist projects that can be applied for residential or commercial use, whether in indoor or outdoor areas such as floor and wall covering, kitchen tops, laboratory benches, sinks for washbasins, stairs, facades and pieces of furniture.

Nanoglass® allows perfect execution in the details of edges and frames, not limited to straight cuts, giving greater freedom in the choice of finishes, washbasins and washbasins.



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