Neolith® is a product that you can only find in Alicante, which has exclusive distribution in Brazil. Neolith® is the result of the selection of the best natural raw materials and a revolutionary highly technological production process known as sintering.

Productive Process

Neolith is produced using the latest sintering technology, replicating in a matter of hours the process of thousands of years through which natural stone is formed. The raw materials that form the plates are first subjected to an extremely high pressure, passing through a press machine where a weight of 400 bars is applied. In the second stage of the process, the plate passes through an oven where temperatures reach over 1200 ° C (2200 ° F). This ultra-compacting process creates full body surfaces with unique technical characteristics.


An eco-sustainable product, with numerous international certifications that attest to its social and environmental commitment. Natural product, 100% recyclable and with at least 52% of materials already recycled in its composition.

Thanks to the various and exhaustive quality controls throughout its entire production chain, an ultra-compact sintered plate, of large format and minimum thickness, is achieved, an evolution of the coatings.


This process gives the final product a high performance surface, with unique properties for multiple applications. Neolith® can be used in almost any environment, thanks to its unique technical characteristics. Among the main uses are kitchen countertops, walls, floors, ventilated facades, among many others.



Neolith® Classtone Mont Blanc