Stain-Proof® is a permanent high-tech waterproofing agent, ideal for natural or industrialized surfaces, and the only one that does not require re-application.

Main features

It is the only waterproofing product that has no restrictions on cleaning, as it penetrates deeply into the stone, making it practically irremovable by compounds such as: bleaches, bleach and detergents, which normally remove the other waterproofing materials.

Technical specifications

The Siloxane base of the Stain-Proof® waterproofing agent has molecules that penetrate beyond the surface, allowing the stone to breathe, creating deep protection, whether indoors or outdoors.

In Alicante you will find the Stain-Proof® waterproofing of the Australian brand Dry-Treat ™ which is present in more than 40 countries, which in itself already attests to its quality and differentiated technology, in relation to the waterproofing products on the market.



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