TechniStone® is a registered trademark and produced in the Czech Republic, following strict European standards. American capital company - Wilsonart Group. TechniStone® is an imported product and exclusively distributed by Alicante in Brazil.

Productive Process

The TechniStone® stone compound consists of 93% of carefully selected raw natural materials, especially quartz and crushed granite. Other components are resins, colored pigments and selected additional fragments that give the material its own characteristics. The modern design, the wide variety of colors and structures, elegance, high strength and easy maintenance, definitely deserve your attention.

Technical specifications

In addition, the product is produced with the highest Italian BRETON® technology under strict quality control. For its impressive appearance, the product is complemented by colored pigments and crushed mirrors; produced with a high performance polyester resin and processed in perfectly straight, flat and resistant plates with different thicknesses and surface finish.


Due to its excellent characteristics, easy maintenance and low absorption, the product meets the most demanding hygiene requirements. TechniStone® products are ideal for application in private homes, commercial or industrial spaces.



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