Aglostone® is a registered trademark of Alicante and imported and marketed exclusively. All material undergoes quality tests at IPT (Institute of Technological Research) and SENAI to guarantee the origin, composition and technical specifications.

Productive process

With all the elements mixed and placed in a parallelepiped (block) shape, this is taken to a vacuum vibration-compression process that leads to the compaction and agglutination of the aggregated elements. This block is left for several weeks to cure and then it is sawn into sheets and the surface is polished.


As it has marble aggregates in its composition, Aglostone® has some similarity to its counterpart, but is more resistant and with less porosity.

Like marble, it is sensitive to the attack of acidic products and, therefore, it is not indicated for use in places that present this type of aggression, such as kitchen countertops.


Due to the presence of resin in its composition, it is not indicated for external or local use with a strong incidence of UV rays. Its prints and light and light colors in addition to white make Aglostone® an excellent cost / benefit option for several applications.


Aglostone® is an environmentally friendly material, since it uses 95% of marble particles that would be discarded in the environment by quarries.



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