Basaltina® is a product without imitations, since it is a natural rock. Its structure and color derive from lava, fire, earth and time. Ornamental rocks with the Basaltina® brand are born from the powerful original lava flow of the Cava di Bagnoregio in central Italy.

Main features

Basaltina® comes in various textures, each with a specific area of ​​extraction and use, being a synonym for excellence Made in Italy, combining craftsmanship and industrial refinement. The stone is appreciated for its color, its minimalist appearance and the versatility that makes it simple, yet elegant.

In its production, specialized machines are used to create semi-finished and finished stone, as well as the famous final textures that make Basaltina® unique and so valued.


Known for its resistance to compression and extreme durability, it is suitable for several applications, both for interiors and exteriors, Basaltina® will make every project eternal.

Internationally renowned architects and designers sign their designs using products known under the Basaltina® brand, including masterpieces such as Renzo Piano’s Aurora Place Apartments, Gae Aulenti’s Asian Art Museum, Norman Foster’s Winspear Opera House, Sagrada Família, Doha Hamad International Airport and the three Samsung skyscrapers in Seoul.


Basaltina® is 100% Italian, founded by Giuseppe Tecchi in 1925. The quarry located in Bagnoregio, in the heart of Italy, is one of the most important in the country. There, natural lava stone is extracted and processed, used since Roman times, and currently marketed worldwide under the trademark Basaltina®.

Basaltina® in Alicante

Alicante offers Basaltina® ornamental rocks in its raw form, which can be used both in its natural form, as well as with different finishes made by its marble maker.


The ancient Romans discovered the stone currently marketed under the Basaltina brand near Viterbo and immediately put it to use as part of the consolidation of their Empire. They used it to literally build the structures of their greatness, leaving a lasting mark on civilization that would later be admired by future generations. The Romans created wide, solid roads and imposing monuments from the quarry owned by Basaltina to demonstrate their power.

This legacy was passed on to the Tecchi family. Since 1925 the family has operated a production system to extract, process, select, improve and distribute products with the Basaltina® brand. The company’s demanding standards have resulted in the maximum official recognition available in its field.

With its 600,000 square meters, the quarry is one of the most important in Italy. Since 1925, it has had a substantial social and economic impact, providing employment to countless families and bringing prosperity to the Viterbo region.

The extraction of stones strictly follows all environmental and labor laws in force, actively promoting the conservation and sustainability of the place, where production is continuous, 24 hours a day, in an epic struggle between Man and Nature. The key to the achievements of the company Basaltina lies not only in its specialized workforce, but also in its high-tech machinery.

Technical specifications

(According to European standards)

Abrasion coefficient 2.30 mm
Compressive rupture proof (natural state): 841 kg / cm2
Compression-breaking proof (after 20 freezing cycles): 888 kg / cm2
Water absorption coefficient: 30.50%
Impact break: h 25 cm
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion: 0.0050 mm / m C
Weight: 2229 kg / m3



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