Onyx is formed in the process of depositing calcite in caves, in the same process of formation of stalactites and stalagmites. Exotic in nature, with veins and delicate tones, the Onyx also known as Alabrasto, differs because it is a translucent material.


In its structures, translucent beds alternate greenish, yellowish and even reddish brown.


Ideal for creating compositions indoors, such as living rooms, restaurants, shops and hotels.


The onyx is found mainly in France, Pakistan, Iran, India and Afghanistan and its name “onyx”, derives from the Greek “Onyx”, which means nail. In Greek mythology, the onyx stone appeared when Cupid cut the nails of the goddess Venus. These were scattered across the Earth and generated the stone, which would have the essence of the goddess’s energy.

The Onyx in Alicante

Seeking to offer more variety and options in materials, Alicante has a diversified line of materials on Onyx.

Technical specifications

Compression Breaking Load: 1760 kg / cm2
Freezing Breaking Load: 1640 kg / cm2
Water Absorption: 0.15%
Weight per volume: 2550 kg / m3



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